Introduction to Singapore Hotel Sustainability Playbook

Sustainable Stay Experience is Now More Important than Ever before!

With sustainability being an emerging global trend, there has been heightened awareness for individuals, businesses, and communities to reduce their carbon footprint. For hotels to cater to this new demand for green products and services, sustainable stay experience is now more important than ever before.

Hence, in order to help the industry to further gear up efforts in the green hospitality space, the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) decided to set up a Hotel Sustainability Committee (HSC) in 2020.

Co-chaired by Ms Jeanne Ng, SHA EXCO Member and Ms Loh Su Kim, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Resorts World Sentosa, the HSC comprises members from Hotels and Government Agencies. Since its inception, HSC has been promoting and driving environmental and social sustainable practices for hotels.

To chart a clear path forward for the industry, a Hotel Sustainability Roadmap, co-developed by SHA and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) under the guidance of HSC, was launched in 2022. A key highlight of the roadmap was the establishment of two industry targets, namely, for hotels to obtain internationally recognised certification and the tracking of emissions.

Walking alongside hotels on the roadmap journey, the HSC formed a taskforce to curate this online sustainability playbook for the industry. Offering a wide spectrum of industry-specific content, the playbook is designed to cater to hotels at different stages of their journey. By accessing this online playbook, hotels can easily glean insights from best practices and case studies as well as to garner beneficial information to help them make informed decisions on sustainable practices which they can implement in their operations.

With this online playbook, the HSC hopes to support and encourage hotels to take concerted actions to further contribute to a more sustainable world for all, now and for future generations to come.